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Build Journey | First Home Buyer



Deciding whether to buy an established home or build your own dream home is a decision that takes a lot of consideration. As you can imagine, both options do have their benefits but we believe a new build offers even greater choice, freedom and flexibility. Here’s why.


Make your dream a reality

One of the biggest benefits to building your own home is being able to make a home that is completely and unequivocally yours. No need to live in a home that has the previous owner’s style and taste all over it – a new build gives you the freedom to choose everything that will make your home uniquely yours.

From the floor plan, to the colour scheme, finishes and fixings, and a stunning facade you’re proud to come home to every day – a new build can offer almost endless options to suit your preferences, lifestyle and budget. 


Financial benefits

Building your own home can also provide financial benefits, especially when it comes to reselling later down the line. A new build has the potential to be more modern with higher quality fixtures and finishes, which could work to your advantage should you choose to resell.

Building your home also means you only have to pay stamp duty on the block of land and not the property itself, which provides a significant financial benefit. 


Future proof your home 

Another huge benefit to a new build is the ability to future proof your home through the use of up-to-date energy efficient technologies. Arden is leading the way in this regard as the first volume builder in Victoria to offer homes that are 100% carbon neutral and all-electric at no extra cost to our clients. 

With solar panels, all-electric cooking appliances, ducted reverse-cycle heating and cooling, double glazing, and more all as standard – you can be comfortable knowing your home is running as energy efficiently as possible.

Even better, an all-electric, solar powered home can help you save substantially across your energy bills too!

Using Sustainability Victoria’s Whole-of-Home Pilot Tool, our Milan 29 display home in Sunbury is expected to save homeowners up to $1,939 annually or 75% of their yearly power bill when compared to the same home if it had gas appliances, no solar PV and no battery. Can you believe how much of a difference these sustainability features could make to your annual power bill? Not to mention the environment.


Peace of mind 

The journey to an established home might be faster – but what happens when just a few months down the track you find electrical issues, the oven needs replacing or – even worse – the roof begins to wear away?

A new build can help you avoid many of the maintenance costs that are common with an older, established home. And let’s not forget your building warranties, in the unlikely event any repairs are needed.


Building with Arden

If you’re considering building a new home, reach out to talk to our incredible team to learn more about your options and how Arden can help you make your dream home a reality.

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