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Interior design does much more than just make a space look good; at its best, it can represent how we want to enjoy our homes, while also bringing a certain ‘feeling’ to a room that’s apparent as soon as you walk into it. We aim to make all our designs timeless but also know – especially based on what we’ve all been through over the past few years – that what we need from a home can change. So today we’re taking you through five hot interior design trends, including how they add so much more to your lived experience.

1. Curves in all the right places

More and more we’re seeing curves being used across interiors. Curves are pleasing to the eye as they balance straight lines and corners, and help to soften the overall look of a space. In a room with predominantly straight lines, like a kitchen, curves stand out and add extra flair to what could be an otherwise static space. 

The best part of this design trend is that curves are timeless and elegant – they’re a common fixture in interior design and won’t date. As with anything though, it’s important not to overdo it. Add too many curves and they are no longer a feature, so it’s crucial to choose carefully where and how you want to incorporate this style. 

Our favourite areas to consider curves in the kitchen are either in your island bench, rangehood or cabinetry. From a practical perspective, curves are safer than corners, especially with kids around, and they also help create better flow within your space. 

For those who want to try before making major interior design changes, you can test the waters by using curved furniture in areas like your kitchen barstool seating, sofa or bed headboard.

Milan 29 Kitchen
Milan 29 Kitchen

2. Vertical join panelling 

Modern wall panelling provides texture and soft detail to your space – elevating a room from bland to stylish. Vertical join (VJ) panelling in particular adds height and depth by accentuating your ceiling’s height and providing a feeling of space in a room.

Your styling options are almost endless – you can paint your panels the same colour as the walls for subtle detail or highlight the space with another colour. Even better – VJ panelling is inexpensive and easy to install!

We love the use of VJ panelling in front of a kitchen island bench, as a feature wall, or even on a ceiling. This style suits any home, but lends itself best to country and coastal styles, as well as contemporary or mid-century interiors.

Votivo study

3. Let there be light!

Feature lighting makes an incredible difference to the overall feel and mood of your home. From subtle to sculptural – the right light fitting is a design feature that brings to life your home’s gorgeous interior.

Consider which fittings will best suit your home’s style. We recommend natural materials like rattan for coastal styles, and black, metallics or colour fittings for modern homes.

Having a variety of lighting options can create a soft and intimate space by contrasting light and shade. Consider what activities take place in each room of your home and how lighting can support those. 

For example, downlights are really handy for giving off ample light on a dark winter’s morning – but when you’re simply relaxing in your home, there is generally no need to have the room flooded with downlights. A floor or table lamp gives soft ambient lighting perfect for relaxation or for reading.

Bedrooms often need a variety of lighting options: you might need bright light for getting dressed or applying makeup but when in bed, the only lighting required could be wall or table lights.

Wall lights or pendants can provide ambient lighting – and pendant lights over the kitchen island bench provide good lighting for tasks like preparing dinner, as well as adding a stunning decorative element. 

4. Elevate your WFH experienc e

Pre-COVID, the home study wasn’t given much love and often had multiple uses (makeshift storage room, anyone?). With hybrid working arrangements now the norm, this has definitely changed:  practical and functional work spaces are now a priority for any home.

In the office, you’ll generally have ergonomic chairs and desks to support your productivity and health, whereas at home you’re more likely to make do with an older chair and table (sometimes a dining table, which was definitely not designed to be sat at for 8 hours a day!).

To elevate your work from home experience, investing in a good quality office chair that combines style with ergonomics is a great way to create a dedicated – and more desirable – space for work. As well as the right set up, the phrase ‘clear desk, clear mind’ rings so true at home – keeping clutter to a minimum in your home office will bring a sense of calm to your WFH space. A great way to achieve this is through built-in storage which can look great while adding practicality.

Having greenery and decent lighting is also incredibly useful to boost your productivity and your mood. A good source of natural light is ideal but if not, aim to have a mix of different lighting to support the work you do. Adding plants has also been shown to reduce stress and help increase concentration.

5. Making use of each inch of space

‘More storage’ is a common cry from homeowners everywhere. A great way to make this happen is to look at how you can utilise areas of your home that aren’t usually used.

A small alcove, unused corner or space understairs can be turned into a practical and good looking storage area with built-in joinery. Alternatively, you can add a mudroom right next to the garage which is the perfect spot to take off shoes and hang coats!

Whatever space you’re working with, there are many ways to get it looking organised even if the area is a bit of a dumping zone. Hooks are perfect for hanging school bags and coats, getting them off the floor and looking neat.

A sturdy bench at seat height is perfect for sitting down while putting on shoes, and you can even add drawers underneath to maximise that space. Use the drawers to store your shoes and keep them out of sight.

And of course we can’t forget adding overhead cabinets for hats, bags and other items – ensuring you make the most of every centimetre!

Building with Arden

Interested to see how these design trends look in person? View our display home locations to arrange your visit – we’d love to welcome you!

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